Twilight Struggle Stats Applet – added counting power cards.

The Twilight Struggle Statistics applet has received another update.


1. Added counting power cards.
Power cards are divided into „regular” and „super”, with each value being subject to change based on the turn an event was played. For example, RS/P is always a superpower card, whereas De-Stalinization is super in turns 1-4, regular power in turns 5-7, and an ordinary card afterwards. For anyone curious, below is a link to spreadsheet with the list of selected cards and their powers throughout the game (1 – regular power, 2 – superpower).

Power cards

Power card is counted as such only if played for the event and by the relevant player. Therefore, Vietnam Revolts or Aldrich Ames are not counted towards USSR power cards if played by US, since in such case the US player controls the timing of the event, which probably made it weak or irrelevant (or even beneficial for the US player). Naturally, neutral events are always counted as power cards if played for the event.

In the main table, only a summary count of superpower | regular power cards is displayed. In order to see the detailed list, hover the mouse over the relevant table cell.


2. Cards are now counted for the player who in fact played it.
And not for the player who has drawn them. This means that if US steals ABM Treaty from the Soviets with Grain Sales or Missile Envy, ABM Treaty is counted towards US ops and power events.

The applet is available under the usual address:

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