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This blog will be written in Polish in English. The Polish version is basic, the English one is supplemental. They won’t directly correspond to each other. You may safely assume that what’s in English is in Polish as well (except the notes the translation of which makes no sense, like this one) but not necessarily vice versa. As you probably see and I still don’t, my English would not deserve a high note in Oxford University while my Polish is pretty good even for a native (did I mention I’ve written a crime novel in Polish?), and this is another reason not to put too much effort to write in English in comparison to Polish. Having said all that, I promise that anytime I write something in Polish that isn’t stricty Polish for whatever reason (an example reason is pointing out a translation bug in Polish edition), I will do my best to find some time and write English version of the note.

Also note that this blog has two authors by now and there may come more. You may therefore possibly find two or more notes with the same title and being about the same subject if there are written by different people with different opinions about some details. Translating is a separate process, and it’s usually done by the best English-speaking among those authors who find some spare time. This may confuse you when you see two English notes with the same title and the same author. To make things perfectly clear I will try to remember and link translated notes to each other, especially if the original note’s author is not the same person as the translation’s author.

I have successfully tricked WordPress into having kind of two separate blogs under one WordPress database, one for Polish and one for English (something that is not normally supported by WordPress to my knowledge) but without changes inside the code I cannot trick it into have two separate ‚metas’ and layouts, like left column links, signatures, WordPress default links, etc. They who play Twilight Struggle have to be smart guys so you won’t need it that much. I believe in you.

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