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Twilight Struggle is a game which I love to play. I intended to blog about it for a while. Today I was noticed that the Polish publisher plans to publish the third edition of the game (including two promo cards not available in other editions, one of which will be directly connected with the Polish history during the Cold War). I guess this is the best moment to start blogging.

You won’t find the rulebook here, except from some clarifications connected with particular cards. I plan to write rather about my experience with the game. There’ll be some tactical and strategic notes. I am inspired by http://twilightstrategy.com but if I disagree with the Author of that blog (who is, incidentally, a marvellous player), I won’t hesitate to mention it ;-)

Blog will be in Polish in English. Polish version is basic, English is supplemental. They won’t directly correspond to each other. You may safely assume that what’s in English is in Polish as well but not necessarily vice versa. As you probably see and I still don’t, my English would not deserve a high note in Oxford University while my Polish is pretty good even for a native, and this is another reason not to put too much effort to write in English in comparison to Polish. Having said all that, I promise that anytime I write something in Polish that isn’t stricty Polish for whatever reason (an example reason is pointing out a translation bug in Polish edition), I will do my best to find some time and write English version of the note.

All notes are subject to copyright. However, they may be freely copied provided the information about the author and source will be included. All graphics connected directly to Twilight Struggle game are also subjects to copyright, the copyright holders being GMT Games and Polish Publisher Bard. These may not be reproduced.

Have a nice reading!

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